Strategies for equities, interest rates,
currencies, and commodities

ALPHA20TM Trading System

ALPHA20TM is a proprietary trading system using fractals. The trading system has a self-adaptive design that does not use classical technical analysis tools such as moving averages, volatility bands, or price derivatives. ALPHA20TM is price-driven, since price will eventually reflect…

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Robust Short-Term PatternsTM

Robust Short-Term Patterns™ (RSTP) is a research project that verifies trading concepts proposed by Richard Wyckoff and Arthur Merrill, evaluates key parameters, and introduces new trading patterns. The patterns are price-driven, statistically valid, and benchmarked...

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Research Services

We offer proprietary research services in the area of risk management, trend following, mean reversion, and pattern recognition models. Trend following models trade in a diversified portfolio of markets and take advantage of short, intermediate, and long term price trend...

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