Self-Adaptive Fractal Model

ALPHA20TM is a proprietary trading system using fractals. The trading system has a self-adaptive design that does not use classical technical analysis tools such as moving averages, volatility bands, or price derivatives. ALPHA20TM is price-driven, since price will eventually reflect all relevant fundamental, political, and psychological factors.

Systematic traders can customize parameters and benefit from system robustness. ALPHA20TM was tested on multiple time frames with risk-neutral, risk-seeking, and risk-avoiding exit strategies. Trading rules and parameters are the same for all markets.

The instructional manual includes trading philosophy, trading rules, entry-exit examples, risk management rules, sensitivity tests, and benchmark tests. The research modules (MATLAB®) are part of the premium package.

alpha trading strategy


  • Complete trading system (MATLAB®, TradeStation®, MultiCharts®)
  • Same parameters for all markets and time frames
  • Self-adaptive algorithm
  • Simple trading logic
  • Robust design


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