Self-Adaptive Volatility Model

DELTA20TM is a proprietary trading system using volatility price patterns and signal-to-noise price patterns. The trading system has a self-adaptive design built around several concepts introduced by B. Mandelbrot. The core modules address volatility clustering, momentum, failed momentum, and patterns with patterns. The noise filtering is part of a self-adaptive design.

Systematic traders can customize parameters and benefit from system robustness. DELTA20TM can use risk-neutral, risk-seeking, and risk-avoiding exit strategies. Trading rules and parameters are the same for all markets.

The instructional manual includes trading philosophy, trading rules, entry-exit examples, risk management rules, sensitivity tests, and benchmark tests. The research modules (MATLAB®) are part of the premium package.

delta trading strategy


  • Complete trading system (MATLAB®, TradeStation®, MultiCharts®)
  • Same parameters for all markets
  • Self-adaptive algorithm
  • Simple trading logic
  • Robust design


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